Muriel Lotto

VP, global marketing strategy and brand management, Western Union

Muriel has over 25 years experience in international business on both client and agency side, in the UK and abroad. She’s worked with renowned companies like Nestle, Bupa and Unilever. Now at Western Union, she is responsible for transformative go-to market strategies underpinned by solid measurement and analytics.

With lots of energy and infectious enthusiasm, Muriel is renowned for challenging and acting as a catalyst for change.
Digitising a 165 year old brand

Western Union’s Muriel Lotto took to the Dots stage to explain the urgency behind the brand’s digital transformation.  

How do you a 165 year old brand, with a long history and strong roots in retail, and transform it to become digital without losing authenticity? This was the challenge Western Union and its vice president of global marketing strategy and brand management, Muriel Lotto, were facing.

In her talk, Muriel told the Dots audience a (brutally honest) story of hope, ambition and transformation. The task of transforming the legacy business from an 85% cash-to-cash transaction format to a wholly digitised business framework was a slow and hard process. In Muriel’s own words: “there was no silver bullet.”

So, how do you digitise a company rooted in retail and modernise it for an audience who lives on their smart phones?

Think of all touchpoints
The team at Western Union thought about all the touchpoints with the audience, good and bad. This meant thinking about and interrogating the value of the app, digitising the in-store experience, digitising membership and loyalty, digitising care and enabling self-serve options for customers.

Don’t lose who you are as a brand, stay authentic
Western Union thought deeply about its values and purpose, with the aim of finding a more modern and engaging way to express them.

Create content that’s credible and relevant
Muriel knew it was essential to speak to consumers on the platforms and in languages they are comfortable and familiar with. This led to the team creating daily lifestyle content, with key seasonal activations and push/pull offers and promotions.