Nina Jones

Global owner experience director, Jaguar Land Rover

Joining the dots at Jaguar Land Rover to achieve unbelievable things

Nina has over 15 years of experience in customer experience and brand management. Customer and employee experience are two sides of the same coin, and Nina is currently leading the rollout of Jaguar Land Rover’s five Customer First Principles to a Global audience of over 3000 people.

Prior to her role at Jaguar Land Rover, Nina’s career spanned across leading names in the automotive industry, including more than 7 years with Porsche as head of customer experience. Nina’s talk will focus on her role at Jaguar Land Rover, and how she joins the dots to reach exceptional outcomes at the organisation.

Dots Live

Becoming customer first and achieving unbelievable things

“No one at the company really knew what customer first meant.” At least, not when the concept first emerged at Jaguar Land Rover three years ago, according to Nina Jones, global owner experience director at the car manufacturer.

“We needed to take people who have been in the organisation for 40 years and people who have only just joined the company on a journey of change,” said Nina while pacing the Dots stage.

Creating change

Nina spoke at Dots 2016 about the journey Jaguar Land Rover has been on over the last three years, creating a movement that will get the whole organisation thinking about being customer first. It’s a journey of transformation, nudging the company towards putting the customer at the heart of every single action.

Winging it was often the overwhelming feeling when Nina and her team first started the customer first project. At first it was a case of joining the dots without knowing what the full picture looked like. “We were building the car as we were driving it,” said Nina.

Nina and her team needed to take the whole organisation on a journey of change. “We’re one big ecosystem and we are all working towards the same thing. We need the enormous ecosystem to really believe in the work we are doing.”

A platform for storytelling

A blueprint for lasting success came in the shape of five customer first principles. These principles were created from existing research that showed Nina and her team exactly the kinds of experiences Jaguar Land Rover customers wanted. The principles are:


Easy to do business with



Make me feel special

These five things created a platform for being able to connect with all the different moving parts of Jaguar Land Rover’s huge ecosystem – from the markets, to the retailers and every other part of the company – and take them on the customer first journey. They allowed Nina and her team to tell customer first stories and create emotional connections across the company.

The language of the principles is now beginning to be used across the company. “You can hear it in conversations across the office,” said Nina.

“It really is possible to make a big change. Unbelievable things can really happen when you create a movement – when you tell stories and work hard.”