David Greenfield

Global head of digital ecosystem design, adidas

Surviving the digital transformation

David is responsible for overseeing the strategic and innovative direction of adidas. Working with the global leadership team he is constantly searching for ways to digitally develop the brand, exemplified in the rollout of the global newsrooms.

Before working at adidas, David was head of creative technology at FCB Global, a marketing communications agency. He’s previously worked in sales, marketing and business development. The ability to tie these various expertise together is what makes David one of today’s most respected digital professionals. 

Dots Live

"Consumer experience is your brand"

What is digital transformation? If the prospect of committing your brand to change is daunting, the task of defining the challenge is equally intimidating. But it’s something adidas went through recently and its global head of digital ecosystem design, David Greenfield, took to the Dots stage to explain how the sports brand did it.

“Consumer experience is your brand,” said David to an enthralled audience. “All we’re trying to do is figure out how we can remain relevant for our audience today.”

The ecosystem design

How do we bring a brand to life? A ‘premium’ product is different for each consumer and too subjective to define. What’s premium for one person isn’t for someone else. According to David, you need to understand the context of an individual.

In his department at adidas, David looks at every single consumer touch point within an ecosystem. There is a huge range of different touch points. He has to keep on asking, “Who are these consumers and how do they fit into our global view?” These insights are brought to the rest of the organisation, which then help bring that data to life.

The core of digital transformation is the consumer – they will lead the way. It’s a struggle no matter the size of your company. “You need to build passionate teams to keep on connecting with the audience,” said David. “You need super passionate people to do this because it’s gruelling stuff and rules of the platforms are constantly changing.”

The future of digital advertising is virtual teams made up of both of client and agency. “You’re not going to get it right the first time. You must design and iterate, design and iterate.”