Nick Price

Nick is a strategy developer, speaker, facilitator, and founder of Of Things Immaterial.

Strategy, planning and future thinking

If you’re considering your pre-strategy, where you think about the future possibilities that might affect your business, do you have to accept the future you’ve been given or can you create one of our own?

And, if you don’t have to accept the future you’ve been given, what do you do about it?

Future thinking is about thinking outwards towards multiple possible futures. We should all be doing that collaboratively.

It’s different to strategic thinking – instead of planning where we want to go, you start thinking backwards. Rather than being a victim of the future, you start to orientate yourself towards a preferred future.

So what’s a good question to ask about the future?

Take the obsession with ‘smart’ cities and how do we create them. Isn’t a better question: ‘how do we have more fulfilling cities?’ It makes the future – which is far too big to scan as a whole thing – easier to frame and probe. It also draws in things that may lie outside your parameters, but are still important.

Great questions get people thinking and working together – and doing that differently.

There are groups that are having these conversations – and it’s a great way to learn and join in.

If you want to get involved or learn more, try The Long Now’s London meet ups, the RSA, Royal Society, the Association of Professional Futurists, or the London Futurists.

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