Craig Hepburn

Global VP, Digital marketing and brand, tata communications 

Craig is passionate about digital marketing innovation, web and mobile technologies, and the art and science of developing engaging customer experiences. He has been involved in developing digital strategies for some of the world’s largest brands, including BAA, STA Travel, Microsoft.

He leads the digital transformation of marketing at Tata Communications, part of the $108.8 billion Tata group of companies. Over 15 years of experience has given Craig an in-depth understanding of how to apply digital marketing to maximum effect, and extensive knowledge of digital technologies, content production and media planning.
Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth

What can white collar boxing teach us about embracing change? Tata Communications’ Craig Hepburn told all at Dots 2017.

Getting punched in the mouth hurts. It really hurts. But taking a bunch of fives in the mouth can help us embrace change – on a personal and organisation level. Craig Hepburn, global vice president of digital marketing and brand at Tata Communications took to the Dots stage to explain how.

Embrace the process
Craig spoke about embracing uncertainty in order to learn and grow. He related his training as a white collar boxer – which he did in eight weeks this year for Cancer Research – to what he learned from the process, highlighting the importance of trying new things and testing yourself. According to Craig, change is the process by which we can learn more about ourselves.

But in order to achieve true change we have to embrace the process. Craig embraced the process of boxing training and took what he learned into his role at Tata Communications.

Move out of your comfort zone
Craig stressed the importance of challenging yourself and moving out of your comfort zone. One of the ways he learned to deal with the challenge of learning white collar boxing was to visualise all scenarios, physically and emotionally. Finally, he spoke about learning to be confident in himself, something he gained through pushing himself out of his comfort zone. Through confidence, he learned to execute his ideas at work completely.

These are the main things Craig learned from boxing – things that we can all apply to the change challenge.
1. Embracing uncertainty is one of the greatest strengths.
2. Visualise every scenario and you will be prepared for everything.
3. Execute completely – see it through and believe in your capability.