Amanda Azeez
Amanda Azeez

Associate head of Child safety online, NSPCC 

Amanda is a communications, digital and technology expert. She leads the strategy and delivery of child safety online at NSPCC, and oversees a three-year strategic online safety partnership with O2.

Previous to her current role, Amanda was head of communications for Childline, Campaigns and the NSPCC’s services across the UK. She was also head of communications, internal and change at BBC Worldwide.
Keeping children safe online

Amanda Azeez is the Associate Head of Child Safety Online at the NSPCC. Today at Dots, she spoke about how we need to change behaviours in order to transform the way we protect children online.

At nearly 150 years old the NSPCC has always campaigned to support children and families directly, and change our laws to support them.

To a child there is often no distinction between online life and real life. They know how to protect themselves with strangers at the park and how to cross the road, but might not know how to protect themselves online. Amanda highlighted that as our lives move ever more online, we should focus on this aspect of child safety just as we would in the real world.

“They [parents] desperately want these platforms to be helping them to stay safe,” said Amanda.

In January 2015, the NSPCC began to transform how the UK engages with children to better protect them online. Amanda spoke about the NSPCC's Share Aware campaign which aims to get children thinking about the kind of things they are sharing online. They partnered with O2 to promote their Share Aware campaign which has enabled the NSPCC to send their message through a huge network of over 20 million customers.

“Raising awareness is our bread and butter.”

The NSPCC recognises that people need support to take action so they're delivering as many opportunities to do this as possible by changing and adapting to the needs of both parents and children. Being directly involved with parents and carers enabled them to this.

"To change behaviours, you can't just rely on marketing."

In just two years the NSPCC has seen 11 million engagements from video views online to calling their helplines. This has translated into 2.6 million actions that have helped keep children safe online. Yet there is still a lot to do in terms of changing behaviours and approach towards protecting children online. The NSPCC have launched Net Aware to help give adults the tools to protect children.